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This Is I, Hamlet The Dane!

We’ve all been there. The time comes for you to go round the group and introduce yourselves. The phrase “say a little bit about yourself”, so inviting, so modest, so demonstrably easy, is also a phrase that strikes fear into the sturdiest of hearts. Will you say too much, or too little? Will you appear arrogant, or worse, underwhelming and fey? Will your witty intro be perceived as trivial, or be met with blank stares of incomprehension? And, if you are near the end of a very long line, you may begin to worry whether words will even come out of your mouth, or whether a hysterical snort laugh will be your only utterance. Last week I started my fellowship at the Institute of Advanced Study. Their unique early career fellowship gives emergent academics like me the opportunity to develop their profile and skills through the ACE training system. Inevitably, the dreaded moment came when we had to introduce ourselves. Yes, I did do the terrible snort laugh, but I managed words as well, so i…

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